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Table 5 Feasibility of the intervention components

From: Parent-focused online intervention to promote parents’ physical literacy and support children’s physical activity: results from a quasi-experimental trial

Components of the intervention Mean SD
 The overall arrangement of parental workshops was reasonable 3.77 0.76
 The overall content of the workshops was interesting 3.82 0.77
 Parental workshops were rich in content 3.86 0.78
 I enjoyed the mode of online learning, including the exercise experience 3.66 0.94
 I found the knowledge learned from the workshops are useful 3.91 0.72
 I found the worksheet is valuable and informative 3.93 0.75
 I am satisfied with the program 3.93 0.77
 I will recommend the workshop to other parents 4.22 0.68
 I gained some knowledge about physical literacy and physical activity after the program 3.89 0.77
 I mastered the competence of fundamental movement skills from the program 3.91 0.79
 I became more motivated to participate in physical activity with my children after the program 3.84 0.79
 Frequency for parent–child activities/sports were increased in the daily life after the program 3.87 0.83