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Table 2 Inclusion and exclusion criteria for the identification of journal papers reporting on the consumption of sustainable diets

From: Application of theories of the policy process in research on consumption of sustainable diets: a systematic review

Inclusion criteria
The article:
1. Is in a peer-reviewed journal indexed in CINAHL, SciDirect, Scopus, Webof Science, ProQuest, PubMed, Jstor, PLOS
2. Written in English
3. Published before July 2021
4. Features in abstract, title, or subject headings the search terms: (greenhouse gas OR climate change OR sustain*) AND (nutri* OR diet* OR food OR meat) AND (policy OR policies OR govern*)
5. Has a focus on the consumption of sustainable diets
6. Draws on or applies a theory of the policy process
Exclusion criteria
The article:
1. Has a focus on production side on production side measures of sustainable diets i.e. technological advances to mitigate carbon emissions from agricultural production
2. Does not have a specific focus on sustainable diets (i.e. focuses on food systems or food security more generally)
3. Is an opinion piece, editorial, book review or conference proceeding
4. Does not draw on or apply a theory of the policy process