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Table 1 List of circumstance categories

From: Inequality in health opportunities in Indonesia: long-term influence of early-life circumstances on health

Category Variables
Demography Sex, religion, ethnicity
Location Provinces, urban
Family structure Mother’s teenage pregnancy, parental divorce , living with biological mother and farther , family size
Parental health Paternal BMI, maternal BMI, paternal height, maternal hight
Parental education Paternal education years, maternal education years
Living standards wealth , number of books , hunger experiment ,
Housing Wall, roof, floor, electricity access, clean water access, clean toilet, Sanitary conditions
Parental occupation Self-employment, government worker, private sector worker, family business worker, industry types (primary/secondary/service)
Healthcare access Knowledge of local public hospitals, private hospitals, public health centres (puskesmas), private clinics, private physicians, nurses/paramedics/midwife practitioners.
  1. Note: This is when respondents were 12 years old. The logarithmic family-size adjusted amount is used