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Table 6 Task 4 – Describe the design features & delivery channels

From: Evidence-Based Intervention (EBI) Mapping: a systematic approach to understanding the components and logic of EBIs

Design Feature VSS Scorecards (At-Risk Population) Recruitment Letter (RL); Terms & Conditions form (TC) (Environmental Change Agents)
Look & Feel Bright, multicolored scheme, includes front/back 4-page document, black & white text (RL); 6-page document, black & white text and blue subheadings (TC)
Cultural Elements Photos of racially/ethnically diverse tweens No cultural elements
Language English English
Readability 8th grade reading level 9th grade reading level (RL);
10th grade reading level (TC)
Data and statistics No data/statistics About brand awareness of VERB national campaign (RL)
Branding & contact information VSS logo and website Information about dates, locations, and contact information as placeholders (RL); fax number and address of national VERB Campaign Partnership Team (TC)