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Table 1 Intervention Mapping Terms

From: Evidence-Based Intervention (EBI) Mapping: a systematic approach to understanding the components and logic of EBIs

Construct Definition Examples
Health outcomes Prevention, reduction, or control of the health problem Early detection of breast or colorectal cancer, prevention of Hepatitis B or HPV infection, or a reduction in weight/adiposity
Health problems A deficit of health, excess of disease or risk factor for disease in a defined population Breast cancer, colorectal cancer, Hepatitis B infection, HPV infection, obesity
Health behaviors An action or set of actions performed by the population of interest that is expected to decrease the health problem or decrease complications or increase quality of life Cancer screening test, physical activity, healthy eating, smoking cessation, HPV vaccination
 Sub-behaviors The specific actions targeted that contribute to a broader health behavior Scheduling a visit for a mammogram, limiting sugar sweetened beverages
Personal determinants Factors that reside within an individual that influence their behaviors Knowledge, attitudes, or outcome expectations
Environmental conditions Factors in an individual’s social or physical environment (surroundings) that influence the health of the at-risk population or their behaviors See examples below
 Interpersonal Individuals in the person’s immediate environment (e.g., parents, other family members, peers) who have influence on the at-risk population Family member who provides social support
Medical provider who gives a referral for a cancer screening
 Organizational Aspects of characteristics of organizations that influence the behavior of the at-risk population Worksite smoking ban. Private rooms available to nursing mothers for breastfeeding or pumping
 Community Aspects of a community that influence the behaviors or affect the health of the at-risk population Restrictions on where people can smoke to avoid secondhand smoke exposure
 Societal Policies, facilities, and interventions of larger political and geographic locations that affect the health and behavior of the at-risk population Legislation that limits tobacco sales to minors
Change methods Techniques or processes for influencing positive change in the determinants of behaviors Discussion, modeling, and/or tailoring
Practical Applications A specific technique for the practical use of a theoretical change method used by an EBI Using images of people doing the health behavior on print materials as a form of modeling