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Table 1 Administrative sectors and collaborative partners included in the study and the number of interviewees

From: A qualitative study on multisector activities to prevent childhood obesity in the municipality of Seinäjoki, Finland

Administrative sectors and collaborative partners Administrative areas of the interviewees Interviews (n)
Management City managers
Political representatives in decision-making
Primary health care (maternity and child health clinics, school health care, oral health care) Maternal and child health clinics, public health nurses
Child and school health care, public health nurses
Dental health care, dentists
Health promotion coordinator
Early childhood education and care Day-care centers
Early childhood education
Schools Teachers
School principals
Sports services Physical education instructors 2
Technical services Gardening
Municipal engineering
Planning manager
Mass catering services Food service managers 3
Hospital District of South Ostrobothnia; The Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare (THL); Representatives of the province Head of unit
Development planners
Representatives of province, influential persons