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Table 1 Demographic information

From: “We’re categorized in these sizes—that’s all we are”: uncovering the social organization of young women’s weight work through media and fashion

Pseudonym Age (years) Country/Countries of growing up Group interview informant? Informant-researcher?
Amy 21 Canada No No
Angela 20 Romania, moved to Canada age 7 Yes No
Bree 19 Mauritius, moved to Canada age 18 Yes Yes
Christine 19 Canada Yes Yes
Eden 20 Canada No No
Elizabeth 19 Canada No No
Emma 20 Canada No No
Jane 18 Canada No No
Jasmine 19 Canada No No
Jessica 15 Canada No No
Lauren 19 Hong Kong, moved to Canada age 9 Yes No
Maria 18 Mexico, moved to Canada age 9 No No
Sarah 18 Kenya, moved to Canada age 17 Yes No
Sharmeen 15 Canada No No