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Table 2 Exploratory factor analysis of 20 items of attitude and practice toward food safety in Covid19 in Iranian population

From: Knowledge, attitudes and practices of Iranian people about food safety and hygiene during covid-19 pandemic

Questions Factor’s Loading
  Attitude Behavior
I'm in good health and I'm unlikely to get Covid-19 .098  
I believe that Covid-19 is a very serious disease .403  
If I do not follow the hygiene tips during shopping I will get covid-19 .762  
If I do not follow the hygiene tips during cooking I will get covid-19 .761  
By adherence to health protocols during shopping and cooking of foods, I can prevent transmission of Covid-19 to others .673  
from my perspective, COVID-19 is not related to foods .582  
from my perspective, disinfecting food packaging is futile .586  
It gives me a sense of tranquility and security by following health protocols related to food safety .580  
There is a possibility of catching covid-19 at any stage from shopping to preparation and cooking of food .738  
Even the thought of having Covid-19 scares me .288  
Do you clean your hands with soap before preparing and consumption of food?   .470
If you do food shopping, do you follow health protocols (gloves, masks, social distance) during food shopping?   .639
Do you use foods such as egg, chicken and fish in cooked form?   .622
Do you disinfect food packaging before opening?   .567
Do you cleaning food contact equipment and surfaces on a daily basis?   .569
Do you store raw and cooked foods separately?   .599
Is the cutting board of raw and cooked food separate?   .607
Do you reheat food leftovers before eating it?   .428
Do you use separate utensils for each person when serving food during Corona?   .471
If you do food shopping, do you avoid going to crowded shopping malls to groceries Shopping?   .632