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Fig. 2

From: The relative effects of non-pharmaceutical interventions on wave one Covid-19 mortality: natural experiment in 130 countries

Fig. 2

Regression results examining intervention strictness and timing combined (mean score).

Notes: Estimated parameters of two regressions adjusted for a range of covariates (Table 2), a set of categorical indicators for day-of-the-week and a set of categorical indicators for week-of-the-year to capture seasonality, and the time (number of days since first death in country) to account for the magnitude of effects of death varying over the 24-day analysis period due to exponential virus spread. Standard errors were clustered at the country-level. Sample size: 130 countries (3250 observations) for 0-24 days analysis; 126 countries (3150 observations) for 14-38 days analysis

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