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Table 2 COVID-19 related knowledge responses

From: Knowledge deficit and fear of COVID-19 among higher education students during the first wave of the pandemic and implications for public health: a multi-country cross-sectional survey

COVID-19 related Knowledge questions Response % of correct response
True(%) False(%) Don’t know(%)
The virus survives for days outside the body in open air. (Knowledge question A) 19,600(20.1) 57,195(58.6)a 18,338(18.8) 58.6
The virus survives for a week outside the body on a plastic surface. (Knowledge question B) 26,695(27.3)a 44,329(45.4) 23,859(24.4) 27.3
Most people who get COVID-19 get very ill. (Knowledge question C) 7003(7.1) 83,507(85.6)a 4743(4.8) 85.6
A possible vaccine will take around 12 to 18 months to produce(from the time of data collection)(Knowledge question D) 65,928(67.6)a 6099(6.2) 23,008(23.5) 67.6
Smokers who get COVID-19 are more likely to get severely ill than non-smokers.(Knowledge question E) 59,301(60.8)a 11,855(12.1) 23,913(24.5) 60.8
You can have the virus without any symptoms. (Knowledge question F) 91,966(94.3)a 1214(1.2) 2113(2.1) 94.3
On average, children get less ill from the virus than adults. (Knowledge question G) 78,052(80)a 7281(7.4) 9748(9.9) 80
Only elderly people die from COVID-19.(Knowledge question H) 1702(1.7) 91,783(94.1)a 1803(1.8) 94.1
  1. aindicate the correct response for the respective COVID-19 related knowledge question