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Table 1 The most probable words and quoted example in the topics of latent Dirichlet allocation

From: Text mining for identifying the nature of online questions about non-suicidal self-injury

Topic number Label Words
T1 anger anger, parent, hit, head, body, irritation, hand, suppress, punch, behavior, strike, strong, resolve, psychopathy, neck
When I’m angry, I slap myself very hard and punch myself in the head. If I express anger, my parents will scold me. Hitting myself seems to harm no one, so I keep doing it. Should I get counseling? (2505)
T2 family troubles mother, father, eat, home, be hit, cry, swearing, fight, younger brother/sister, go out, alcohol, family, older sister, money, buy
I think the reason I first started hurting myself was because of my mother, who is addicted to gambling, and my father, who is usually caring but used to wield violence whenever he drank. When I entered middle school, my mom gambled away the money I needed to buy my school uniform. My home was a mess that day. I wondered why I was born home like this. (2194)
T3 collecting information on NSSI cut, knife, blood, wrist, dorsum of hand, bleed, nail, tear, deep, finger, mechanical pencil, discharge, hand, first time, swell
I love the barcode of the red lines listed under the wrist. I feel the scars on the upper arm are beautiful. It’s become a daily life now. Why am I doing this? It’s not that I don’t have hobbies. However, they can’t replace. (834)
T4 stress stress, severe, feeling, problem, study, terrible, relieve, sensation, family, girl student, big, anxiety, feel heavy, solution, word
Whenever I’m stressed, I hurt myself. Especially when it’s like a stressful exam period. I know I shouldn’t harm myself, but I relieve my stress so well that I can’t stop it. (777)
T5 concerns regarding NSSI scarring scar, wound, remain, cover, arise, part, photograph, apply, bandaid, regret, heal, remove, ointment, stick, disappear
I’m so concerned about the scar. Even in winter, I wear short-sleeved clothes, but now I have no choice. I apply ointment regularly, but it doesn’t disappear immediately. I’m so scared that I’ll get caught. (1549)
T6 how to help a self-injurious friend friend, school, counsel, teacher, talk, attend, time, cry, boyfriend, console, close, laugh, meet, live, play
I saw my friend’s scar. After that, I went around looking at all my friends’ wrists, and there was another friend who was hurting herself. I want to comfort and help my friends, but my friends feel burdened by me. Can I tell teacher or counselor? What should I do? (2278)
T7 depression hard, die, depression, help, suicide, mind, impulse, okay, sad, try, emotion, do not know, mental hospital, comfort, mentality
I was very negative and depressed for a long time. But I’ve never felt this big before. I keep hurting myself because I feel like I’m going to die. I want to kill myself, but I’m scared. I hope someone tells me to die. Please... Then there’s a reason to die. (862)
T8 medical advice arm, method, appear, hospital, wrist, mental, scratch, treatment, stop, medicine, condition, mark, addiction, wear, left
There are about four marks on the left arm and wrist, but I want to treat them neatly. Which hospital can I treat it at? I’m studying a major in a field that shouldn’t have scars, so I need treatment. (2259)
T9 how to perform or stop NSSI pain, do not know, begin, inform, first time, rise up, woman, reveal, stop, method, treat, interest, long, ask, concern
Is there any part where you can reduce pain and see wounds and blood when you hurt yourself? (3648) It hasn’t been long since I started, but I end up doing it even if I don’t want. Can you tell me how to stop? (3460)
T10 prejudices and thought about self-injurious people thought, people, live, hate, inferior, feel, reason, mad, alone, bad, do not know, mind, near, suffering, love
Self-harm is bad, but people who harm themselves are not bad. It’s pitiful. It’s not dirty. I’m not crazy. (1513)