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Table 1 Health literacy competency domains related to consumer protection

From: Relationship between socioeconomic, demographic, health and social characteristics and ability to access reliable information on herbal and food supplements: analysis of Thai Health Literacy Survey 2019

Competency domain

On a 6-Likert scale from very easy to very difficult,

1. = very easy

2. = fairly easy

3. = fairly difficult

4. = very difficult

5. = unable to perform

6. = confident in performing but never had a chance to perform how easy is it for you to …


Find reliable information about medicine, cosmetic products, herbal products and food supplements.


Understand information on labels of medicine products, cosmetic products, herbal products, medical devices, and hazardous chemical products.


Inquire healthcare providers about health-related products

Making decisions

Make decisions about what food supplements or herbal products are suitable for you.