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Table 5 Adjusted models for the association between barriers to physical activity and sedentary behavior

From: A cross-sectional study on the perceived barriers to physical activity and their associations with domain-specific physical activity and sedentary behaviour

Sedentary behaviour #
Barriers to physical activity β (95% CI) p-value
Work 31.57 (9.54 to 53.60) 0.005
Limited Accessibility of gym or other exercise facilities (e.g., distance, hours open, availability) 28.83 (3.06 to 54.60) 0.028
Safety concerns (e.g., street lighting, traffic) -54.73 (-81.43 to -28.01)  < 0.001
  1. # Adjusted for age, ethnicity, educational qualification, marital status, personal income, body mass index, chronic conditions, overall physical activity, the weather, safety concerns and limited accessibility