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Table 1 Text messages mapped onto Social Cognitive Theory constructs

From: A smoking cessation induction intervention via virtual reality headset during a dental cleaning: protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Social Cognitive Construct Definition Text message example
Behavioral capabilitya Promote mastery through skills training and observational learning “(First name), you watched this video when you were getting your teeth cleaned: (link)Feeling more motivated to quit? Here’s another one you might like: (link)
Goal settingb Setting realistic, proximal and specific subgoals It’s great that you’re trying NCI Texting! Adding Nicotine Replacement, Chantix, or Zyban can boost your chances even further! The MA quitline offers nicotine replacement for free & other low cost meds: 1-800-QUIT-NOW (1-800-784-8669) or https: (link)
Motivationa Cognitions involved in proximal goal setting and activities to initiate change “(First name) quitting smoking is a difficult decision. Every difficult decision has pros and cons. It’s helpful to make two lists: List the good things about smoking. Then, list the good things about quitting. How do they balance out?”
Outcome expectanciesc Beliefs that changing the behavior will lead to the desired outcomes Myth: Stop smoking medications don’t work. Truth: Research shows they double your chance of quitting! Chances are greater when adding behavioral support, like quitline or txt messages
Self-efficacyb Confidence in one’s ability to take the necessary actions to achieve the desired outcome, and overcome barriers “(First Name) Build your confidence to quit smoking by taking small steps! For example, practice the Four D’s before quitting: Delay your first cigarette, Deep breathing practice, Drink water, Do an activity to take your mind off smoking.”
  1. aExample of text message sent to participants who are not motivated to quit smoking within 30 days
  2. bExample of text message sent to participants who are motivated to quit smoking within 30 days
  3. cExample of text message sent to all participants