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Table 2 Top reasons for non-consistent protective measures (ITNs) from free listing and ranking activity in Metema -Abuderafie, 2019

From: Understanding the risk perception of visceral leishmaniasis exposure and the acceptability of sandfly protection measures among migrant workers in the lowlands of Northwest Ethiopia: a health belief model perspective

Participants Abuderafie district Metema district
Large Farmland areas Small farmland areas Large Farmland areas Small farmland areas
Migrant workers Seasonality Seasonality Seasonality Fumigation, spray
Mental barriers Discomfort to hang Inconvenience Lack of awareness
Discomfort to hang Cost Distribution problem Cost
Inadequacy of net Mental block Ineffectiveness Fatigue
Fatigue lack of awareness Cost Spraying
Awareness problem Stress Insufficiency Distribution problem
Farmland owners and managers Inadequacy of net Seasonality Seasonality Heat
Lack of awareness fumigation sprays. Ineffectiveness Laziness
Ineffectiveness Laziness Lack of awareness Difficulty in hanging
Health workers Lack of awareness Lack of awareness
Seasonality discomfort to hang it
Discomfort to hang it fumigation
fumigation Stress (mental barriers)
Fatigue or laziness Cost
Farm leader (Koberary) Seasonality Seasonality Insufficiency ineffectiveness
Fatigue or laziness Fumigation,sprays Cost Laziness
Discomfort to hang Discomfort to hang Seasonality Lack of awareness