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Table 7 Characteristics of included publications by region: Region of the Americas

From: Systematic review on chronic non-communicable disease in disaster settings

  Country/Territory of Interest Target Population Type of Study NCD Studied Years of Observation Number of study participants Major Findings
Daniels (2009) [104] Peru Displaced as well as nondisplaced populations in rural to urban settings Stratified cluster survey Multiple NCDs 2007 (six months post-earthquake) 672 households Displaced populations sought care more, people with injury or NCD sought care more. People who did not seek care cited cost as a barrier
Naumova(2007) [75] Ecuador Pediatric ER visits with acute upper and lower respiratory conditions and asthma related conditions Retrospective review of medical records Chronic respiratory disease including asthma January – 2000 December 2000 5,169 emergency department records Rates of ED visits for pediatric patients increased significantly during period of volcanic activity. Youngest patients (4 and under) were most affected