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Table 14 Diabetes Key Findings

From: Systematic review on chronic non-communicable disease in disaster settings

DM is most commonly studied NCD
EMRO region with predominant focus among published studies
Reported association between stress and increased incidence of diabetes as well as impaired fasting glucose
Food insecurity in these settings contributes to challenges with diabetes management given lack of availability of meals
Malnutrition also a determinant for diabetes among children exposed in utero
Additional challenges for diabetes care include lack of access to medications and diagnostics, limited access to clinical sites for care and lack of patient understanding on disease management
Disease complications are a common cause for presentation, including but not limited to, being the lead cause for limb amputation surpassing those due to trauma
Being female, unmarried, having less education, additional comorbidities, and having refugee status confers worse outcomes for DM
Reliance on established tertiary care for diabetes management contributes to worse outcomes during crisis given reduced access to care