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Table 2 Overview of major themes and subthemes

From: “Maybe a little bit of guilt isn’t so bad for the overall health of an individual”: a mixed-methods exploration of young adults’ experiences with calorie labelling

Major theme Corresponding subthemes
Support of & skepticism about labelling interventions Policy support for menu labelling
Skepticism towards food policy or labels
Knowledge & autonomy as mechanisms of population-level interventions Awareness, education, and information
- Calorie awareness
- Food allergies or intolerances
Noticing and use of labels
- Counting calories & doing math
- Colour associations of labels
Obesity and health consequences of poor diets
Role of the relationship with food in experiences with labelling Personal connections with food
Food & relationships with others/Societal pressures surrounding food
Short- and long-term influences of labels
Negative impact of labels on relationship with food
Disordered eating and dieting as a lens in experiences with interventions Overindulging and/or bingeing
Regret and shame associated with food
Restrictive food and/or dieting behaviour
Speaking for a friend