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Table 2 Questionnaire content validity index (CVR and CVI)

From: Development and psychometric assessment an instrument for investigating Women’s attitude toward home safety

Dimension Question CVR CVI
Prevention   0.82 0.90
Access to water and gas valves is essential for everyone in emergency cases. 0.78 0.89
I need to know the emergency numbers. 1 0.89
When buying and consuming food, it should pay attention to the date of its consumption. 0.78 0.82
Occasionally, the leakage of gas valves should be monitored. 0.78 0.93
Knowing the fire station contact number is essential for anyone. 0.78 1
Safe thinking   0.93 0.95
Occasionally, the power cord cladding must be checked to be safe. 0.78 1
Winning and hazardous corners of furniture must be covered with veneer. 1 1
Improper lifting and handling of equipment can be harmful. 1 0.96
Bathroom and toilet ventilation should be inspected occasionally. 1 0.89
When locating home appliances, I notice the likelihood of people getting stuck and falling. 1 1
It is important to check for the possibility of slippery floors before entering the bathroom and toilet. 0.78 0.93
Occasionally, it is important to check that wall and ceiling fixtures (photo frames, boards, chandeliers, etc.) are secure. 1 0.89
Child safety   0.89 0.97
The baby bed must have a protective fence. 1 1
It is important to keep detergents out of the reach of children. 1 1
Keeping the baby alone is dangerous in the bathroom and toilet. 0.78 0.96
It is important to keep the lighters out of the reach of children. 0.78 0.96
Kitchen is not a good place for kids to play. 0.78 0.93
Children are not allowed to use sharp and winning instruments. 1 1
Commuting safety   1 1
Lighting of corridors is important when commuting. 1 1
It is important that there are no obstacles to commute in the corridors. 1 1
The stairs must have a protective fence. 1 1
The elevator needs to be periodically checked. 1 1
It must be assured that the elevator warning keys are working correctly. 1 1
Home safety requirements   0.95 0.91
A fire extinguisher is essential for home. 1 0.95
A first aid kit is essential for a home. 1 1
Emergency exit routes are essential for a residential building. 0.78 0.85
Awareness of safe places in the home is essential for sheltering when an earthquake occurs. 1 0.84
At night, light in a small amount is needed to commute indoors. 1 0.93
Hazard identification   0.89 0.93
In bathrooms and toilets, there is a risk of electric shock. 1 0.93
The height of the balcony is effective in falling. 0.78 0.89
There is a possibility of slipping on the kitchen floor. 0.78 0.96
The layout of kitchen appliances plays a role in the occurrence of accidents. 1 0.96