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Table 3 Lessons learned by the GRAPH network on data governance

From: Leveraging human resources for outbreak analysis: lessons from an international collaboration to support the sub-Saharan African COVID-19 response

− Effective, equitable and participatory health is established through strong bonds of trust with partner countries.
− Countries must be encouraged to ensure individuals are owners of their own health data. Health data needs to be a global public good, and its use in the public sphere should always consider the key role of national public health institutions.
− Safety and security of data storage platforms must be prioritised to ensure respectful protection of confidential health data.
− Crucial gaps around data ownership must be clarified to democratise health data: individuals must own their health data that they contribute.
− The implementation of epidemiological surveillance data management tools should actively involve partner countries in all stages of the process to ensure sustainability over time, and data management autonomy.