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Table 1 GRAPH Network’s teams

From: Leveraging human resources for outbreak analysis: lessons from an international collaboration to support the sub-Saharan African COVID-19 response

Team Description
Reporting 15 postgraduate students, 3 universities, 15 nationalities
Tasks: literature search, data extraction and interpretation, and report writing and editing.
Supervision: Team supervised by senior epidemiologists from Zimbabwe, Senegal, Brazil, Switzerland and France.
Tools: Zoom, Cuicloud, weekly meetings.
Data analysis 18 postgraduate students from 9 universities, 30 data scientists and programming specialists, 24 nationalities.
Tasks: This team divided into two sub-teams worked with primary data received from the field and created the R Markdown scripts to process the data in an automated way, yet tailored to each country. Programmers developed the script templates for producing the epidemiological indicators from the cleaned data while junior analysts cleaned the primary data and ran the scripts modified for each country.
Supervision: The team was supervised by three senior data analysts and computer scientists from universities and research institutions in Montpellier, Geneva and Rio de Janeiro.
Tools: Renku, Gitlab Rstudio, Rmarkdown, Slack, weekly meetings.
Geospatial analysis The team of five experts from Uganda and a US-based partner institution worked on mortality and transmission risk index calculation.
Coordination The association Actions en Santé Publique and the head of the division of Infectious Diseases and Mathematical Modelling of the University of Geneva provided the general guidance, political representation and ultimate decision making.
The coordination was supported by a project manager and three senior analysts.