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Table 2 Participant ratings of impact of challenges faced during COVID-19

From: Internet access is a necessity: a latent class analysis of COVID-19 related challenges and the role of technology use among rural community residents

  Total n % reporting high impact
Social Needs
 Limited access to family/friends 279 78.1
 Limited ability to provide support to others 277 76.1
Healthcare Needs
 Limited access to healthcare services (e.g., hospital, doctor) 271 55.9
 Limited access to mental health services 214 46.9
 Limited access to social /support groups (e.g., addiction groups) 208 56.5
 Limited access to public health information 266 20.8
Financial Needs
 Limited income opportunities 235 56.0
 Challenges paying my bills/rent/mortgage 275 31.0
Daily Living Needs
 Limited access to daily necessities (e.g., food, water) 278 23.8
 Limited access to options for food/grocery shopping 279 40.6
 Limited access to stable internet/mobile connection 275 31.8
 Limited access to childcare 128 33.9
  1. Responses were dichotomized to indicate low impact (not at all, very little, somewhat) and high impact (quite a lot, extremely)