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Table 1 Our Voice: Facilitators and barriers to physical activity from Recreovía and My Body studies

From: Innovative participatory evaluation methodologies to assess and sustain multilevel impacts of two community-based physical activity programs for women in Colombia

Program Themes Socioecological level % per total of comments Facilitator Total # of comments per facilitator Barrier Total # of comments per barrier Community meeting conclusions
Recreovía Recreovía program Policy 8% Recreovía program 2   0 Cement floor is not a good choice for PA sessions, PA instructors will give posture indications to prevent injuries. To improve coexistence in the park citizen scientists suggested signposting promoting civic culture.
Infrastructure Built environment 55% Outdoor fitness equipment 9 Lack of stage for Recreovía classes 6
Facilities improvement Floor not suitable for AF
Disabilities inclusive facilities Lack of illumination
Lack of a roof
Park Logistics Park staff 3 Unused space 1
Space organization
Park hours
Complementary services   0 Toilets 1
Diversity of activities Diversity of activities 2   0
Access to nature Green areas 1
Sense of community Social environment 38% Support networks 4   0
Participation in different activities
Sanitation maintenance Good waste management 1 Unsanitary portable toilets 2
Bad waste management
Civic culture   0 Sexual harassment in the park 4
Coexistence in shared space
Safety Safety 2 Lack of safety 2
Total   100%   24   16  
My Body Physical activity programs Policy 4% Recreovía program 2   0 Periodic maintenance is required in order to prevent damage caused by regular use of facilities. Safety perceptions inhibits some citizen scientists from going to their nearby parks.
PA programs offer
Infrastructure Built environment 62% Facilities 7 Poor facilities 6
Lack of facilities improvement
Accessibility Easy access 4 Restricted transport options 2
Nature Green areas 2 Air pollution 1
Complementary services Bathrooms 3   0
Food supply
Space logistics Diversity of spaces 1 Underutilization of spaces 3
Limited space
Safety Social environment 31% Safety 4 Lack of safety 1
Sanitation maintenance Sanitation 1   
Medical condition   0 Physical limitations 1
Lack of cancer-specific focus in programs
Civic culture Co-existence at the park 1 Psychoactive substance use 3
Co-existence at the park
Sense of community Support networks 2   0
Self-determination Individual level 2% Motivation for PA 1
Total   100%   28   17