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Table 3 Joanne Briggs Institute Critical Appraisal of Prevalence Studies

From: Do motorcycle helmets reduce road traffic injuries, hospitalizations and mortalities in low and lower-middle income countries in Africa? A systematic review and meta-analysis

Criteria Crash characteristics and injury patterns among commercial motorcycle users attending Kitale level IV district hospital, Kenya
(Sisimwo et al. 2014 [22])
Epidemiology of head injuries and helmet use among motorcycle crash injury: a quantitative analysis from a local hospital in Western Kenya
(Sisimwo et al. 2018 [23])
Motorcycle injuries at a tertiary referral hospital in Kenya: injury patterns and outcome
(Oginni et al. 2006 [32])
Pediatric Road Traffic Accident Deaths Presenting to a Nigerian Referral Center
(Osifo et al. 2012 [25])
Vulnerability of motorcycle riders and co-riders to injuries in multi-occupant crashes (Oluwadiya et al. 2014) [34]
1. Were the criteria for inclusion in the sample clearly defined? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
2. Were the study subjects and the setting described in detail? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
3. Was the exposure measure in a valid and reliable way? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
4. Were objective, standard criteria used for measurement of the condition? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
5. Were confounding factors identified? Yes No No No No
6. Were strategies to deal with confounding factors stated? Yes No No No No
7. Were the outcomes measured in a valid and reliable way? Unclear Yes Yes Unclear Yes
8. Was appropriate statistical analysis used? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Overall Rating 7 out of 8 6 out of 8 6 out of 8 5 out of 8 6 out of 8
Overall Appraisal Include Include Include Include Include