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Table 1 Study timeline

From: Protocol for a cluster randomised controlled trial of secondary distribution of hepatitis C self-testing within the context of a house-to-house hepatitis C micro-elimination programme in Karachi, Pakistan

  Enrolment Follow-up for all participants Follow-up for HCV antibody-positive participants
Procedure Day 1 Months 1–2 Months 1–8
Inclusion and exclusion criteria X   
Informed consent obtained X   
HCV antibody testing (either HCV self-test left with the household or participants in the control group attend Memon Goth Hospital) X X  
Collection of test results and survey of perceptions of the testing process   X  
Referral of HCV antibody-positive individuals for confirmatory testing and linkage to care   X X
Linking of data for the RDT (control group) and RNA test and treatment initiation (as applicable for the intervention and control groups)   X X
Adverse event (AE)/serious adverse event (SAE) review X X X
Cost data collection and analysis X X X