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Table 1 Example of MI dialogues

From: Can chatbots help to motivate smoking cessation? A study on the effectiveness of motivational interviewing on engagement and therapeutic alliance

MI skill/spirit Example response
Asking open questions What do you see as some not-so-good things if you continue smoking as you are? (feedback)
Reflective listening … you have concerns about the consequences of smoking in that situation. That's great. (assessment)
  I see that health is important to you and it is a concern to you that smoking may impact your health and well-being in the long term. (feedback)
Affirming And that's certainly okay! You're thinking about it, that's already a first step. (assessment)
  Those are some great points that you bring out, and I'm really glad you came up with these ideas!:). (feedback)
Summarizing So, let me summarize what I understand so far. There are some important things in your life that you want to take care of, for example, your health and your financial responsibilities, and you're seeing how smoking might impact those important goals of yours. (feedback)
Partnership We're basically going to discuss a few questions to help both of us get a better understanding of your smoking. Does that sound ok to you? (assessment)
Acceptance And that's certainly your choice, of course:) If you ever find yourself thinking more about this decision in the future, my *door* is always open! (assessment)
Compassion It would be a hard time for you without it, I can imagine. (assessment)
Evocation What, according to you, would be some good things about not smoking? (feedback)