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Table 1 Topic list

From: The impact of the COVID-19 lockdown on depression sufferers: a qualitative study from the province of Zaragoza, Spain

1. Personal and family COVID-19 situation: Have you or someone who lives with you been infected? Has someone close to you died? Who have you lived with during lockdown?
2. What type of home do you have? (Flat without terrace or balcony, flat with terrace/balcony, house with a garden, etc.)
3. How has your state of mind been during lockdown? What has caused you the most suffering? (i.e., not being able to go out, not being able to be with your loved ones, the images you saw of the pandemic, etc.)?
4. Do you think your state of mind is better or worse now compared to before lockdown? What do you think has made you feel better/worse? What has helped you to overcome this situation?
5. What do you think the health system could have done to help you with your mood during lockdown?