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Table 1 Model inputs and data sources

From: Lifetime impact of being underweight or overweight/obese during childhood in Vietnam

Input Description Data source Values
Population Vietnamese children aged 5–19 years 2019 Viet Nam Population and Housing Census [23] See Table 2
Health states Prevalence of underweight and overweight/obesity by sex and age NCD Risk Factor Collaboration 2016 [25, 26] See Additional file 1: Table 1-A
Transition probability between health states Transition probability between weight status by sex and age (i.e., underweight to underweight, underweight to healthy weight or underweight to overweight/obesity) 5–22 years old: Young Lives Study [27] 23 years and over: China Health and Nutrition Survey [28] See Additional file 1: Table 1-B
Mortality All-cause mortality rates by sex and age WHO life table for Vietnam from Global Health Observatory data repository 2019 [24] See Additional file 1: Table 1-C
Mortality risk by weight status for those 20 years and over The Global BMI Mortality Collaboration [29] See Additional file 1: Table 1-D
Quality-adjusted life-years Quality-adjusted life-years by sex, age and weight status Mai VQ et al. Reference Data and Known-Groups Validity of the EQ-5D-5L for Vietnam [30] See Additional file 1: Table 1-E