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Table 2 Framingham and Atherogenic Index of Plasma Risk score grading of the health workers

From: The ten-year risk of developing cardiovascular disease among public health workers in North-Central Nigeria using Framingham and atherogenic index of plasma risk scores

Risk scoring Frequency (N = 301) %
Framingham risk score
 Low risk 296 98.3
 Moderate risk 3 1.0
 High risk 2 0.7
Atherogenic Index of Plasma
 Mild risk 281 93.4
 Intermediate 14 4.7
 High risk 6 2.0
  1. Following the grading of the Framingham risk scores, majority of the health workers, 296 (98.3%) have low 10-year risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Likewise, after grading the Atherogenic Index of Plasma scores, majority of the health workers, 281 (93.4%) have low risk of developing CVD from dyslipidaemia