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Table 4 Weights of Shannon entropy for the indicators used in TOPSIS

From: Examining active aging among Iranian provinces: a TOPSIS analysis

Rank Indicators used Wj
1 Percentage of people over 65 years old with a higher education than a diploma 0.4325
2 percentage of people with lower incomes than the median income of the country 0.1735
3 Average person’s income over 65 years into the average income of the rest of the population 0.1049
4 Life expectancy in men at the age of 65 0.0837
5 Percentage of People with salary and wages and pension 0.0726
6 Life expectancy in women at the age of 65 0.0391
7 Economic Participation Rate of age above65 0.0366
8 Percentage of population over 65 who is working 0.0362
9 proportion of families with elderly supervisor above65 years old 0.0128
10 Percentage of people over 65 who live in non-single-family households 0.0069
11 Percentage of married people over 65 0.0011