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Table 5 Models’ range in priority risks, target behaviors, intended pathways and stance on technique categories

From: Changing the home visiting research paradigm: models’ perspectives on behavioral pathways and intervention techniques to promote good birth outcomes

  Across the Five Models
Minimum Median Maximum
Priority Risks, Target Behaviors and Intended Pathways
 Number of Priority Risks 7 10 10
 Number of Target Behaviors 5 12 14
 Number of Intended Pathways 16 34 41
Stance on the 23 Technique Categories
 Number ever Endorsed 12 20 23
     Number ever Required 0 5 22
     Number ever Recommended 12 18 20
 Number ever Not Endorsed but Compatible with Model 2 15 23
 Number ever Not Compatible 1 1 2
Propensity toward Explicit Endorsement of Technique Categories
 Mean Number of Endorsed Technique Categories per Intended Pathway 1.5 16.0 20.0
Consistency of Technique Category Endorsement
 Percent of Technique Categories that are Either Always or Never Endorsed across All Intended Pathways 22% 70% 100%
Breadth of Designated High-Emphasis Technique Categories
 Number of Technique Categories ever Defined as High-Emphasis 0 10 12