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Table 1 Scope of survey 1: potential pathways to promote good birth outcomesa

From: Changing the home visiting research paradigm: models’ perspectives on behavioral pathways and intervention techniques to promote good birth outcomes

  Health Care Risk Psychological Risks Behavioral Health Risks Biologic Risks
Target Maternal Behaviors Inadequate PNCb High Stress Depression IPVc Tobacco Use Alcohol Use Illicit SUd Infectione Diabetes High Blood Pressure
Basic Health Promotion
 Engage in physical activity   X X       X X
 Adhere to a healthy diet          X X
 Engage in stress reduction activities   X X X X X X    
 Use social supports   X X X X X X    
Health Care Use
 Adhere to PNC visit schedule X   X       X X
 Engage in SU treatment        X    
Behavioral Health
 Stop or reduce tobacco use      X      X
 Stop or reduce alcohol use       X     X
 Stop or reduce illicit SU        X    
Specific Risk Reduction Behaviors
 Use condoms         X   
 Develop a safety plan     X       
 Alert PNC provider to warning signs    X       X X
 Adhere to medication regimen    X   X   X X X X
 Self-monitor physiologic indicators          X X
  1. aEach X represents a unique pathway to good birth outcomes by promoting a specific target behavior to reduce a specific risk contributing to poor birth outcomes. There are 41 pathways
  2. bInadequate prenatal care is defined as late entry or inadequate number of visits post enrollment in HV
  3. cIntimate partner violence
  4. dSubstance use (heroin or cocaine)
  5. eSexually transmitted, vaginal, or urinary tract