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Table 2 Overview of focus group topics and questions. Source: [26]

From: Facilitators and barriers of intersectoral co-operation to promote healthier and more environmentally friendly behaviour: a qualitative evaluation through focus groups for the INHERIT project

(time allocation)
i. Start and development of the co-operation
(±10 min discussion)
“How did the co-operation/project start?”
“How did it develop to where it is now?”
“What contributed to the co-operation process?”
ii. Core (success) factors of the co-operation
(±15 min discussion)
“What are the core factors that made this co-operation happen, that energised and inspired co-operation?”
“Describe a peak experience in (intersectoral) co-operation in [case study X], when you felt really engaged and motivated”
iii. Core barriers, challenges, missing in the co-operation
(±15 min discussion)
“How could the co-operation have been?”
“What would you change if you could change anything in this co-operation? What could it still become?”
iv. Future of the co-operation
(±15 min discussion)
“Where do you want to be between now and a certain period, what does this future look like? If your dream is X, what would you want to have accomplished in Y years?”
“What are possible options (actions, projects) to reach this and enhance co-operation in the future?”
Wrap up, summary by moderator
(±5 min)
“Of all things discussed, what was the most important to you regarding intersectoral co-operation?”