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Table 3 Cost-analysis of recruitment. The incremental cost-effectiveness ratio (ICER) is determined as the additional cost per screened woman calculated as the difference between CHW costs and CIC costs divided by the additional of number of screened women due to CHW

From: Recruitment strategies to promote uptake of cervical cancer screening in the West Region of Cameroon

Variable CIC (USD) CHW (USD)
Recruited patients (n) 1356 584
Patients’ transport reimbursement 1345.74 1845.87
Street Banners (n = 2) 184.92 N/A
Radiobroadcast (n = 4) 33.62 N/A
Flyers (n = 1000) 42.03 N/A
CHW ‘s training N/A 2657.86
CHW wages N/A 870.40
Total costs 1606.31 5374.13 (training included)
2716.27 (training excluded)
Costs per recruited woman
 ACER 1.18 9.20 (training included)
4.65 (training excluded)
 Incremental additional cost N/A 3767.82 (training included)
1109.06 (training excluded)
 ICER in USD N/A 6.45 (training included)
1.90 (training excluded)
 ICER in 2021Int’l$* N/A 16.61 (training included)
4.89 (training excluded)
  1. Abbreviations: CHW Community Health Workers, CIC Community Information Channels, ICER Incremental cost-effectiveness ratios, ACER Average cost effectiveness ratio, n Number, N/A Not applicable