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Table 2 Survey participant attitudes towards the film and reported kindness and behavioural changea

From: An evaluation of a short film promoting kindness in Wales during COVID-19 restrictions #TimeToBeKind

  % reporting
Perceptions of the film Too little Just right Too much
The amount of information in the film was 25.4 73.3 1.3
  Too short Just right Too long
The length of the film was (n = 389) 15.9 82.5 1.5
  Disagree b / neither Agree c
The film was easy to understand 5.6 94.4
The film contained useful information 24.6 75.4
I understand the campaign message 8.2 91.8
I trust that the film is from a credible source 11.5 88.5
Reactions to the film
Watching the film made me feel upset or sad 32.1 67.9
Watching the film made me feel hopeful or encouraged 44.1 55.9
The film was difficult or distressing to watch 65.4 34.6
I gained something positive from watching the film 27.2 72.8
I am glad I watched the film 17.9 82.1
I think it is important that the issues in the film are talked about 1.8 98.2
The film resonated with my experience of being in lockdown/My experiences of lockdown have been similar to those in the film 77.4 22.6
Own kindness
I am kind to others 3.6 96.4
I feel sorry for other people when they experience problems 4.1 95.9
If I see someone going through a difficult time, I try to be caring towards that person 2.6 97.4
I like helping other people out, even strangers 8.2 91.8
Outcomes/behaviour change
I am more likely to be kinder to others 36.4 63.6
I am more likely to check in on friends, family and neighbours 29.5 70.5
I am more likely to keep an eye out for friends and family experiencing situations like those in the film 19.5 80.5
I am more likely to try to help other members of my community 34.4 65.6
I am more aware of situations like those highlighted by the film 29.5 70.5
I feel more confident that I could intervene in situations like those highlighted in it, if I wanted to 39.5 60.5
The film has made me more likely to intervene in situations like those highlighted 36.2 63.8
Memorable scores 0-5 scores 6-10
On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is not at all and 10 is extremely, how memorable do you think the film is? (n = 386) 10.6 89.4
  1. aUnless otherwise reported uses full sample. bIncludes strongly disagree. cIncludes strongly agree