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Table 2 Factor structure of the GLiCS (v 3.0)

From: The development and validation of the ‘Good Life in the Community Scale’ (GLiCS): a validation study with women migrants living in high income countries

  Rotated factors
Scale item Access to Resources Belonging and Contributing Independence
I am able to get sufficient money to meet my basic needs (through employment or benefits) 0.87 0.23 -0.04
I am able to buy essential items for myself when I want to, for example clothes, toiletries or things for my home 0.90 -0.02 0.06
I am able to access the kind of food that I would like to eat 0.80 -0.03 -0.07
I am able to access internet when I need to, for example on my phone or on a computer 0.61 -0.19 0.34
I am able to access courses to help build my skills and talents, for example art classes or dance classes 0.55 0.14 0.16
I am able to choose which city and neighborhood I want to live in 0.58 0.18 0.06
I am able to learn about my rights in this country, for example through support organisations 0.17 0.48 -0.06
I am able to feel I am a valued member of the community here 0.11 0.46 0.01
When people around me are feeling sad, I feel able to support them and make them feel more positive 0.05 047 0.9
I am able to rely on local organizations or charities for support with carrying out important tasks, for example paying bills or working through migration documents 0.10 0.58 -0.01
I am able to build a good life in this country 0.04 0.79 0.08
I feel happy about being in this country -0.02 0.78 -0.24
I am able to read and write in the language of this country 0.27 -0.06 0.65
I am able to speak the official language(s) spoken in this country 0.16 -0.06 0.62
I am able to access green spaces in this country, for example parks or the countryside -0.17 0.20 0.51
I am able to be involved in the decisions that affect my life, for example getting married or having children 0.13 -0.03 0.59
I am able to have my own privacy and keep information for myself if I want to, for example I can keep my bills and letters to myself 0.06 0.04 0.63
McDonald’s Omega 0.94 0.86 0.82
  1. All significant loadings in bold