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Table 1 Health behaviour risk factor definitionsa

From: Comparison of mortality hazard ratios associated with health behaviours in Canada and the United States: a population-based linked health survey study

Health Behaviour Definition
 Heavy smoker Current smoker, > 20 cigarettes/day
 Light smoker Current smoker, < 20 cigarettes/day
 Former smoker Former smoker
Never smoker Never smoker
 Heavy drinker > 21 drinks/week (males) or > 14 drinks/week (females); or binge drinks (5+ drinks on a single occasion) at least once a week
 Moderate drinker 3 to 21 drinks/week (male) or 2 to 14 drinks/week (females)
Light or non-drinker <3 drinks/week (males) or < 2 drinks/week (females)
Physical Activity Average daily metabolic equivalent of task derived from the previous three months of self-reported leisure physical activity (maximum 10)
Diet Scoreb
 Fruit and vegetable intake 1 point per daily frequency of fruit and vegetable consumption, excluding fruit juice (maximum 8 points)
 High potato intake - 2 points if daily potato consumption > 7 (males) or > 5 (females) a week
 High fruit juice intake - 2 points per daily frequency of fruit juice consumption greater than once a day (maximum −10 points)
  1. a Reference group indicated by italics
  2. b Diet score = 2 baseline points + summation of points from diet attributes (negative overall scores recoded to 0, resulting in a range from 0 to 10)