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Table 2 Culturally-safe characteristics of physical activity promotion strategies

From: The design and impact of culturally-safe community-based physical activity promotion for immigrant women: descriptive review

Design Characteristics
Content • Bilingual or choice of preferred language
• Ethno-culturally appropriate linguistic expressions
• Ethno-culturally appropriate examples of physical activity (options, pictures)
• Discussion of solutions to overcome barriers
• List of community resources where physical activity occurs
Format • Educational sessions
• Both didactic and interactive components
• Visual aids such as videos and pictures
• Take-home educational material
Delivery • In-person
• Group sessions
• Reinforced by follow-up to individuals via one-on-one sessions or reminder phone calls
Timing • Multiple educational sessions
• Spaced over weeks or months
• Opportunity for make-up sessions that were missed
Personnel • Take place in familiar community settings or organizations
• Led or co-led by lay health workers representing participant’s ethno-cultural group