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Table 1 Sampling framework for the focus groups

From: Adherence to behaviours associated with the test, trace, and isolate system: an analysis using the theoretical domains framework

Focus group wave and timepoint Sampling framework
Focus group 1 and 2 (wave one)
October 2020
• People aged 18 – 45 yearsPeople aged 18 – 45 years
• Reported that they had been socialising with family and friends, inside and outside their home (e.g., using the ‘Eat out to help out scheme’), before the ‘rule of 6’ or ‘tier system’ restrictions came into effect
Focus group 3 and 4 (wave two)
December 2020
• People aged 18 – 54 years
• Reported that they ‘somewhat support’ or ‘somewhat oppose’ the new lockdown measures, with this item acting as a proxy for potential adherence difficulties during the second national lockdown
Focus group 5 and 6 (wave three)
February 2021
• People aged 18 – 54 years
• Reported being in an occupation that involved working in close proximity with others, but not in an occupation that regularly exposes them to diseases (e.g., health or social care)