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Table 1 The APEASE criteria for assessing intervention acceptability, practicability, effectiveness, affordability, side-effects and equity [31]

From: Evaluating a multi-component intervention to reduce and break up office workers’ sitting with sit-stand desks using the APEASE criteria

Criteria Description
Acceptability How far is it acceptable to key stakeholders? This includes the target group, potential funders, practitioners delivering the interventions and relevant community and commercial groups.
Practicability Can it be implemented at scale within the intended context, material and human resources? What would need to be done to ensure that the resources and personnel were in place, and is the intervention sustainable?
Effectiveness How effective is the intervention in achieving the policy objective(s)? How far will it reach the intended target group and how large an effect will it have on those who are reached?
Affordability How far can it be afforded when delivered at the scale intended? Can the necessary budget be found for it? Will it provide a good return on investment?
Side-effects What are the chances that it will lead to unintended adverse or beneficial outcomes?
Equity How far will it increase or decrease differences between advantaged and disadvantaged sectors of society?