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Table 1 The search strategy

From: A framework for information technology-based management against COVID-19 in Iran

Search Details
#1 [“covid 19“[Title/Abstract] OR “2019 ncov“[Title/Abstract] OR “2019 cov“[Title/Abstract] OR “coronavirus“[Title/Abstract] OR “novel coronavirus“[Title/Abstract] OR “coronavirus 2019“[Title/Abstract] OR “sars cov 2“[Title/Abstract] OR “SARS-CoV-2” OR “coronavirus disease 2019“[Title/Abstract] OR “Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2“[Title/Abstract] OR “COVID-19“[Mesh]].
#2 “Information Technology“[Mesh] AND “information technology” [Title/Abstract] OR “IT” [Title/Abstract] OR “Informatics” [Title/Abstract] OR “informatics” [Title/Abstract] OR “computer technology” [Title/Abstract] OR “electronic technology” [Title/Abstract] OR “Information and Communication Technology” [Title/Abstract] OR “ICT” [Title/Abstract] OR “computerized information” [Title/Abstract] OR “Information system” [Title/Abstract] OR “Infotech” [Title/Abstract] OR “data processing” [Title/Abstract]
#3 #1 AND #2
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