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Table 1 Showing the data collection methods and the different respondents

From: Treatment-seeking and uptake of malaria prevention strategies among pregnant women and caregivers of children under-five years during COVID-19 pandemic in rural communities in South West Uganda: a qualitative study

Data collection method Number Respondents
Focus Group Discussions 8 - 4 FGDs with caregivers of children under-five years
- 4 FGDs with pregnant women
In-depth interviews 13 -2 IDIs with caregivers of children under-five years,
- 2 with pregnant women,
-2 with local leaders,
-3 with health care providers,
- 2 with VHTs,
-1 community social worker
Key Informant Interviews 2 -1 for the sub-county VHT coordinator
-1 for the HC-III in charge
  1. Key: FGD Focus Group Discussion, IDI In-depth Interview, VHT Village Health Team, TBA Traditional Birth Attendant, HC Health Centre