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Table 1 Workshop Attendee List

From: Rethinking walkability and developing a conceptual definition of active living environments to guide research and practice

Highest Degree Discipline Career Stage Group Name
PhD Public Health Senior Bondar
PhD Geography Early Career Bondar
BSc Geography Student Bondar
MSc Kinesiology Student Bondar
PhD Statistics Senior Handfield
PhD Urban Planning Postdoctoral Fellow Hadfield
PhD Public Health Mid-Career Hadfield
PhD Urban Planning Mid-Career Hadfield
PhD Geography Senior MacLean
PhD Public Health Senior MacLean
PhD Geography Postdoctoral Fellow MacLean
MSc Computer Science Student MacLean
PhD Urban Planning Senior Payette
PhD Geography Postdoctoral Fellow Payette
MD Medicine Senior Payette
PhD Public Health Senior Payette
PhD Public Health Early Career Payette
MSc Kinesiology Student Saint-Jacques
PhD Public Health Mid-Career Saint-Jacques
PhD Geography Senior Saint-Jacques
PhD Geography Mid-Career Saint-Jacques