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Table 1 Correct version of table 1

From: Correction to: The Infant Health Study - Promoting mental health and healthy weight through sensitive parenting to infants with cognitive, emotional, and regulatory vulnerabilities: protocol for a stepped-wedge cluster-randomized trial and a process evaluation within municipality settings

Measures (Child) 9-10 months 18-19 months 24-25 months
PUF-assessment x   
Ages and Stages Questionnaire, Social Emotional 2; ASQ:SE2 x x x
Child Behavior Checklist; CBCL   x  
Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire; SDQ    x
BMI z-scores x   x
Feeding and Eating behavior Questionnaires   x x
Video-recordings of mealtimes   x x
Video-recordings of parent-infant interaction   x x
Child Interaction Behavior; CIB   x x
Measures (Parents and parent-child relations)
Mother and Baby Interaction Scale; MABISC x   
Being a Mother; BaM13   x x
Parental Stress Scale; PSS x x x
WHO-5 well-being index; WHO-5 x x x