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Table 2 Participant characteristics

From: Exploring housing policies in five Swedish municipalities: alternatives and priorities

Participant no. Sex Professional position Participation in:
Individual interview Research circle
P 01 Man Development Strategist x  
P 02 Woman Housing Adaptation Grant Manager x x
P 03 Woman Chief of Social Services Department x x
P 04 Man City Architect, Planning, and Construction Manager x x
P 05 Man Program Director Social Welfare x x
P 06 Man Group Leader, Housing Adaptation Grants x x
P 07 Woman Mission Strategist in the Health and Care Administration x x
P 08 Woman Land and Development Administrator x x
P 09 Man Development Leader Community Planning x x
P 10 Man Housing Adaptation Grant Manager x x
P 11 Woman Development Strategist   x
P 12 Woman Senior Citizen   x
P 13 Man Senior Citizen   x