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Table 2 Proportion (%) of meal type provided to children attending OSHC in the afterschool period.

From: Foods and beverages provided in out of school hours care services: an observational study

Meal type Description Freq. (%) of meals observed
Cooked meals
  Healthy 42 (24)
  Discretionary 25 (14)
  Confectionary 47 (26)
  Lean meat or alternative 13 (7)
  Salad 10 (6)
  Fruit 51 (29)
  Fruit & Vegetable 20 (11)
  Savoury 21 (12)
  Dessert 8 (4)
  Fruit & Dairy 19 (11)
  1. Healthy cooked meals include (pasta, rice, curry/ stir-fry)
  2. Discretionary cooked meals include (chicken nuggets, sausage/ hotdog, pasties/ pies/ pizza scroll, two-minute noodles)
  3. Confectionary sandwiches include (fillings of jam/ honey/ sprinkles/ hundreds and thousands)
  4. Meat based sandwiches include (fillings of tuna, chicken breast, eggs)
  5. Savoury platters include (could include a mixture of biscuits, dips, processed meats (cabanossi), cheese or vegetable sticks)
  6. Dessert include (cakes, muffins, slices, sweet biscuits, jelly,)
  7. Fruit & Dairy include (fresh or canned fruits with yogurt or custard)
  8. OSHC out of school hours care