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Table 2 Eligibility criteria

From: Infectious disease surveillance for refugees at borders and in destination countries: a scoping review

Criteria Include Exclude
1. Context Any country experiencing in-migration. No migration mentioned.
2. Topic Mention of disease surveillance targeting refugees, as defined either by mandate or 1951 Convention. Target populations include only one group of migrants who are not necessarily refugees (e.g. only asylum-seekers, only foreign-born persons, immigration detainees, labour migrants, internally-displaced).
3. Outcomes Processes and methods of infectious disease surveillance for refugees:
a. organizational aspects of surveillance;
b. policies or protocols related to surveillance;
c. assessment outcomes of surveillance activities.
Only describes clinical screening, ecological surveillance, forecasting studies, prospective one-time studies, cross-sectional or epidemiological studies to find prevalence of diseases, access to healthcare, ethical considerations and human rights aspects of surveillance, non-communicable diseases surveillance, prevention activities of infectious diseases, mental health studies, TB or HIV screening.
4. Source type All journal article types (e.g. research, commentary, review). 4. Duplicates, e.g. conference abstracts for which an article exists.
5. Time-period Any NA
6. Language Any language with an English abstract available. No English abstract.