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Table 2 Competencies in Field Epidemiology Training Programs by public health topic area [6]

From: Field epidemiology training programs contribute to COVID-19 preparedness and response globally

Area Competencies
Epidemiologic Methods 1. Use epidemiologic practices to conduct studies that improve public health program delivery
2. Respond to outbreaks
Biostatistics 3. Analyze epidemiologic data using appropriate statistical methods
Public Health Surveillance 4. Set up, manage, and evaluate a public health surveillance system
Laboratory and Biosafety 5. Use laboratory resources to support epidemiologic activities
Communication 6. Develop written public health communications
7. Develop and deliver oral public health communications
Computer Technology 8. Use computers for specific applications relevant to public health practices
Management and Leadership 9. Manage a field project
10. Manage staff and resources
11. Be an effective team leader and member
12. Manage personal responsibilities
Prevention Effectiveness 13. Apply simple tools for economic analysis
Teaching and Mentoring 14. Train public health professionals
15. Mentor public health professionals
Epidemiology of Priority Diseases and Injuries 16. Evaluate and prioritize the importance of diseases or conditions of national public health concern