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Table 1 Topic descriptions – facilitators of compliance

From: Facilitators and barriers to compliance with COVID-19 guidelines: a structural topic modelling analysis of free-text data from 17,500 UK adults

Topic Proportion Short Title Description FREX Exemplar Text
F1 12.17% Catching and transmitting COVID Fear of catching COVID and infecting others, especially parents fear, pass, catch, elderli, rel, dy, myself, covid, contract, longcovid “I am terrified of being a vector for the illness and very scared of catching it myself. I particularly fear passing it on to my parents and inlaws who are all in their 70a [sic]”
F2 10.04% Protecting high risk Worry about catching COVID as high risk or relatives high risk viru, underli, risk, spread, prevent, potenti, minimis, highrisk, reduc, condit “fear of catching the virus myself or transmitting the virus eg to my 92 yo father or my partner with multiple underlying health conditions.”
F3 9.33% Public information Consuming media on COVID, such as government briefings new, advic, inform, listen, scientist, tv, media, scientif, trust, watch “The news on the T.V. The news on the Internet. Sometimes the governments bulletins. Always Listening and reading what Sir Patrick Vallance. Prof Chris Whitty. Prof Van Tam. have to say.”
F4 8.39% Following the rules Rule following as a personality trait. Also contains text on instrumental rule following follow, rule, guidelin, stick, peopl, make, upset, consider, reason, adher “I tend to just stick to rules even if I don’t necessarily agree with them”
“for me, rules are rules....I may not agree with them or believe they have the outcome they suggest, but it’s the rules so I follow along”
F5 7.62% Social responsibility Acting out of common sense and sense of duty and civic responsibility common, sens, respons, infect, duti, commun, civic, other, act, respect “Common sense and a sense of responsibility to others regardless of their atitude [sic]”
F6 6.96% Protecting vulnerable Reducing risks for those with existing clinical vulnerabilities vulner, extrem, clinic, protect, categori, father, husband, older, chronic, mum “To protect myself (clinically vulnerable), my husband (same), and 3 parents (clinically extremely vulnerable).”
F7 6.62% Reminders and accessibility Availability of hand sanitiser and reminders to wear masks keep, mask, wear, hand, wash, sanitis, facemask, safe, transport, sign “Signs on shop/building entrances reminding to wear mask, provision of hand sanitiser”
F8 6.49% Safety of loved ones Protecting family and friends famili, safeti, concern, healthi, ill, encourag, friend, self, safeguard, fall “To keep my family safe. I couldn’t bear to be responsible for someone in my family falling ill with COVID-19.”
F9 6.37% Return to normality Following guidelines to end pandemic sooner and return society to normal. normal, vaccin, hope, sooner, life, quickli, quicker, control, end, desir “The hope of the pandemic ending and life being able to return to more of a normality”
F10 5.76% Working from home / support bubbles Ability to stay at home due to unemployment or working arrangement. Benefit of having support bubbles. work, carehom, babi, bubbl, home, employ, ward, afford, alon, support “Being in a support bubble as I live alone. If we did not have support bubbles I think I would have had to break the restrictions for my own mental wellbeing.”
“I prefer to be at home and because I can work from home I have not had to go out much.”
F11 5.5% Activities and Zoom Availability of activities, including walking and going out in nature. Speaking to family, friends and online groups over Zoom. garden, meet, walk, exercis, weather, easier, outdoor, zoom, enjoi, dog “a structured exercise routine i.e. online Zoom classes, weekly exercise classes outside in local park and regular long cycle rides and walks”
F12 5.48% COVID symptoms Discussion of COVID symptoms and test results test, april, month, march, result, surgeri, diagnos, posit, week, flu “I was told to isolate for 6 days due to test and trace app”
F13 5.1% Protecting the NHS Reducing burden on NHS and its workers nh, impact, pressur, know, worker, servic, burden, motiv, understand, frontlin “Husband frontline NHS worker. I have heard how bad it can be for patients and staff”
“Knowing that I would be helping the NHS to not become overwhelmed with patients”
F14 4.16% Miscellaneous themes Gallimaufry of themes, several related to those identified in Topics 1-13. children, school, teacher, kid, young, adult, appli, grandchildren, socialis, differ