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Table 3 Results of the binary logistic regression analysis for guardians who wanted to receive PDSI. N = 1172

From: Awareness of the implementation of stable iodine prophylaxis by parental guardians living in the urgent protective action planning zone of an operating nuclear power plant in Japan

Variable Unit OR (95%CI) P
Thought that pregnant women should also implement SI prophylaxis in a nuclear emergency Yes/No 6.57 (4.62–9.35) < 0.01
Want to participate in a lecture about the health effects of radiation exposure Yes/No 1.99 (1.40–2.82) < 0.01
Thought that implementing SI prophylaxis can prevent exposure from all radionuclides Yes/No 1.93 (1.24–2.99) < 0.01
Did know about SI before the study Yes/No 1.91 (1.35–2.71) < 0.01
Anxiety about implementing SI prophylaxis for their children Yes/No 0.33 (0.20–0.55) < 0.01
  1. OR Odds ratio, 95%CI 95% confidence interval, PDSI Pre-distribution of stable iodine, SI Stable iodine